Learning, one clip at a time...


VidEdu is simple to use!

1. Find a video

Any video from Youtube that you want to learn from

2. Copy the URL

Once you find your video just paste the URL onto VidEdu

3. Take Notes

Once submitted, you can begin taking notes

4. Start learning

You can then save your notes for later, and even download them to your local drive

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Q: Where can I get videos?

A: Find a video on YouTube that you want to learn from. Copy the URL of the video, paste the video URL into our "Add Video" page and then you can start taking notes.

Q: How do I create a Subject playlist?

A: For logged in users, go to "Add Subject" and from there you can add a title, a descriptiona, and an image to represent your subject.

Q: How do I share my notes, videos, or subjects with others?

A: It's simple. Just copy the url of whatever you want to share and send it away. From there, the reciever will be able to see what you shared.